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about ducks vs. owls and indoor bike riders... Jan. 12th, 2005 @ 04:51 pm
so i had to dust off the old livejournal just to tell these two stories. every word is absolutely true.

story 1:

carrie and i walked down the street to cameli's to get some dinner, and on our return, we heard a strange rustling in the tree above us. i looked up to see if i could make out what it was in the dim street-light, but alas, i could not. then suddenly i heard quacking. and then hooting. and, i kid you not, i made out the sillhouette of a duck and an owl fighting! the hooting and quacking quickly became a cacophony of screeching and wings fluttering. we kept walking, however i was never the same man. i don't even know if i believe it really happened, but, carrie as my witness, it did.

story 2 (shorter):

i was busy folding tshirts in the front area at urban. normal slow day at work. suddenly (again, i know), I look up, and a customer had mounted our "old skool" bike (god, i know, shutup) and was riding out the door. yes. riding out the door. it took me a second to react, but after the initial shock wore off, i jumped from around the folding cart, and darted off after the bike. the rider wasn't trying to make a getaway, just leisurly pedaling out the door. i caught him about 5 feet outside of the store. "i can't ride this around the mall?" the perplexed customer said. "uhm, no," an even more perplexed scotty replied. "can i just ride it around the store than?" at this point, i was waiting for the punchline. none came, so i replied, "uhm, no." i thought to myself, yeah, how about you try on an outfit, and just walk around the mall for a few hours. once you're done, you can just bring it on back, no problem. god. yet another unbelievable story. two in three days.

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lalalalalalala Oct. 24th, 2004 @ 12:50 pm
So here's the 411.

October the 13th was a crisp, cool day, as I recall. It was Emily's birthday, so there was much excitement at 1269. Carrie and I got up around... oh, I don't know... 10ish, had some breakfast, and talked to Jason, our roomy. At around 11:45, we decided it was time to go out and buy Emily's final present, and the three of us, walked outside to get in my car. *spooky music cue NOW!* But! (dun dun duh!!) The car was not there. We looked in the street. Not there either. The garage? Nope. Stolen! Jason observed some broken glass on the driveway, and we knew the worst had happened. I say "the worst" because it was not simply my car that was stolen. You see, we had just played a show, and I had virtually ALL of my guitar gear, and a keyboard stowed in my car. PLUS my bag with my wallet, cellphone, keys, checkbook, etc. Now I know what you're thinking. Dumbass. Why did you keep it in your car? Well, you're right, I was foolish, and I blame myself for giving them such a great steal.

Fast forward to Monday night. The Grit. Athens. Carrie's phone rings. It's the City of Atlanta police department. Dekalb county police found my car abandoned in a neighborhood not far from my house, and have towed it. Blah blah blah blah, here's the number to the impound. Yay! The floorset for the housewares department at Urban was having there floorset all week, so Mon-Thurs I had to be at work at 6 in the AM. Which, factoring in taking MARTA, means I have to be up at 4AM. Fun.

Fast forward to Tuesday, 2PM. I get off of work, and call the Dekalb impound. It's in Lithonia (word pixiebunni, in your old hood). Damn. Not very close to my crib. And I have to have a copy of my registration (it was in the CAR!!) or title (DITTO!). So I go down to the Tag office, and get a new registration, and call the impound back for directions. They give them to me, and tell me it will be ... one hundred and eight dollars. one. zero. eight. I have to pay money because someone stole my car. What?! So, I call my mom, go back to lenox where she is working, and pickup $120. By this time, it's hella late in the day, and the impound closes at 7pm. Meanwhile, it's pooring down rain, so traffic is just a nightmare! So by the time I take my mom's van down the Lithonia, it's about 6:45pm. Upon arrival, I show them my registration. They ask for picture ID. I say that I have none, but I have my voter registration card, and birth certificate. Nope, you must have a picture ID to get the car. I explain that my bag with my license was stolen along with the car. Too bad, they say. Damn. So that means off to the goddamn DMV to sit in line for hours.

Well, very long story somewhat shorter, I got my license, got my car (with no gear in sight), and now they're looking for the perps. Man, what a week.

(send money and sympathy to sadmachines0@yahoo.com)


ps. viva voce kick so much ass, it's unreal. we played with them monday, and I still haven't recovered from the awe.
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napoleon dynamite Aug. 31st, 2004 @ 11:34 am
i saw napoleon dynamite with parade last nite. it rooled my ass, again. there were so many things i hadn't noticed the first time i saw it. hehe. like the way uncle rico says "nuh-po-le-ooooown". rawk. thanks to emily for hooking me up with a ticket. *hugs* tanks.

welp, this begins the month that will suck and rule at the same time. we have a billion things going on between 3 shows, moving and a prom/move-in party. damn. not to mention still workin' 40 hours a week to make sure i can make my goddamn car payments. yeesh. and insurance. yeesh.

wish me luck! hopefully i'll keep updating. but once we move, it'll be a month or so before we have internet. *shrugs*

btw, limewire is much better than kazaa.
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see i told you i could do it! Aug. 28th, 2004 @ 01:13 pm
yay! another entry!

well, the show went really well overall on the 25th. we played to a good 30-35 folk, including most of the close and a few other members of the local scene. rarr. listening back to the recording of the show, other than a few overly eager starts, we did even better than last time. the bands we played with (the blue hour and crime & judy) were pretty awesome.

we're working on a new version of the site, and it should be up in the next few weeks.

so anyway. any of your 21+ers can come see carrie and i at the earl tonight. the close, the liverhearts and the orphins are playing. rarr!!
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oh em gee Aug. 24th, 2004 @ 05:20 pm
i heart mandy moore so much. dood. for real. it's really crazy... it's kinda creepy, even. i've been listening to her last album on repeat to and from work for the last two days. holy crap, i'm totally in love with her. ever track is solid (except for like three of them.). and the duet she does with michael stipe is awesome. and her new song ("hey") rools my ass.

man. sorry. i can't believe that this is the subject i bright up when updating my lj for the first time in like 5 months or something like that. haha. maybe i'll start updating a lot again, but i'm not promising anything. you know me.

well, i guess i can talk about my new life. parade is rooling at the moment, except for the fact that we have to play tomorrow at nine fucking thirty!@!@! who the hell can go see a show at 9:30?!?! no one i know can come now. fuckers. god. i'm so frickin' pissed. i'm going to be on stage in high dudgeon. (hehehe. i used my vocab word. hehehe) oh well. i guess we should play our best even if it's just to the bartender. it just sucks that we've worked so hard to promote the show, and so many people said they could come, but now none of them can. assholes. not even my frickin' mom! okay, i'll stop complaining.

we just signed the lease on our new house last week! woo! we have a million+ shows coming up, and we're going to be moving at the same time. fun!

oh working at urban rools my ass. yes. both mandy's new song, and my new job rool my ass. it's like a monarchy. king urban and queen mandy. mandy outfitters. haha. sorry. i'm really lame. listen to me ramble. or read me ramble. or something. follow along with your eyes, little children, as i ramble. rarr.

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Other entries
» wear e-parade
what is up, fools? sorry it's been like ten years since i've posted. it's emily's fault.

you really want to know how the band is going? we be chillin'. the web site is up (weareparade.com), and we're recording an ep as we speak. probably late april we'll have it done, and we'll be playing shows on both sides of 316.

btw, waking up to an inch of pollen on your car sucks.

what's a shih tzu?
one with no animals.

taste the rainbow.
» (No Subject)
Rest in peace Johnny Cash.


» thank you mister ceo
another update?! but wait! i thought there was supposed to be at least a month between each update! what the heck is going on here?!

tonite is the yugami/whirlwind heat show. i hope everything goes smoothly. i'm still worried about one of the songs. it's not tight at all, but i'm the only one who thinks so, so maybe it's just me. *shrugs* i'm just going to be excited to meet the guys from whirlwind heat! i should run up to one of them and be like, "you know jack white?!@#!" hehe.

anyway. i'm buying a new amp! *rubs hands together* i love buying new toys. now i just need a new guitar and some new pedals, and parade will be set. speaking of that wonderful band, we (parade) had our first offical practice yesterday. it was just me and spyderpixie, but we got a lot more done than i thought we could. we listened to an old demo of jason, carrie and i, and talked about buying a keyboard. oh yeah, and listened to a lot of bright eyes. ;] as per custom when emmy and i get together.

53 more days until the deathcabforcutie show at the variety playhouse1@#!@!@#%!#$%!%

» i thought i was your snack pack
well, carrie got a new job today! yay! mellow mushroom five points.... with me!!!! wooo! this should be fun. =] she starts next week on tuesday. she's going to be working just days. waiting. that's cool.

tomorrow is ellis' going away party...................................... don't go elly........ i'll miss you.

anyway. yugami is opening for whirlwind heat at the echo lounge in atlanta! i can't fucking wait! i love that band. if you don't know them, Jack White signed them to his third man record label. And produced their new record. They're awesome spaz electro shit.

» toot toot. beep beep.
running her hands through my... oh. hey. what is up? sorry it's been so long. i'm way to busy/lazy these days to keep up with my lj very well, but here's another entry for you. yes you.

well, my carrie-doll is in nyc seeing bjork/sigur ros. lucky. ^_^ her and aoineko are probably thinking about what they're going to eat before going to stand in line right now, as a matter of fact. i hope you two are having fun! (no sarcasm intended) mwah!

i just got back a few hours ago from the captain's house. i spent last nite there watching movies (amnetyville, american werewolf/london, billy madison, the sweetest thing). loads of fun, that one. i miss hanging out w/ her muchos, so last nite in a fit of lonliness, i took the hour or so long drive down the snellville. good times. i'm supposed to be cleaning our room (yes i will do it!), but i'm stalling now.


oh yeah, i'm going to see paper lions and maserati tonite. if i can muster up the balls. i hate going to shows without my peeps. i'm thinking about not going now. silly me. i guess i can just stay home and clean. fun fun.


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